Turyağ Krema

Your greatest help in making cream”

It is a quality oil in the class of vegetable dehydrated oil which keeps the volume and volume for a long time by holding the excess air from the moment it starts to be whipped. It is suitable for use in the making of fruity, milky and chocolate creams and adds a light and natural flavor to the cream. In addition to providing you with cookies that are easily dispersed in your fresh, crisp mouth, they do not collapse on the cooked surface.


Tartalet doughs, keramabor, biscuits, sweet-salted cookies, kinds of dry pastry, flour cookies


1.It does not contain cholesterol.
2.Made from vegetable oils.
3.The fat content in the formula is at least 99%.
4.Delays staling, extends shelf life of products.

Shelf life
12 mounth
Net weight
10 kg
Packaging shape
Polyethylene bag, cardboard box
Storage Conditions
 It should be stored in a cool, dry and odorless environment protected from sunlight