Turyağ Fritöz

Healthy roasts in perfect consistency”

Thanks to the new formability of the fryer, you can reduce your expense by increasing the number of uses of the same fat as the extended lifetime, and you can offer your customers full flavor thanks to the crispness of the frying fry.


Seafood fries such as fish and calamari, pastry cheeses such as cigarettes and amulets, potato fries, croquettes, onion rings, sausages and nugget


1.It does not contain trans fats.
2.It does not contain cholesterol.
3.Made from vegetable oils.
4.The fat content in the formula is at least 99%.

Shelf life 12 mounth
Net weight
16,38 kg
Packaging shape Round Lacquered Printed Tin
Storage Conditions
It should be stored in a cool, dry and odorless environment protected from sunlight