Turya─č STY

Special formula for use in hot environments”

Classical Turkish is a high quality oil that reflects the taste of the palate and lifts water in excess amount and is a high quality oil which has been a favorite of many pastry makers. It is used by scraping the eggs with water and the dough together with the water. Thanks to its structure and its palatability, It is also used as the main material of decorative sculptures.


Dried pastry, arm bros, tear, pie, cut pie varieties, pastry


1.It does not contain cholesterol.
2.Made from vegetable oils.
3.The fat content in the formula is at least 99%.
4.Thanks to its durability, it is suitable for use in summer months and hot productions.

Shelf life
12 mounth
Net weight
20 kg
Packaging shape
Polyethylene bag, cardboard box
Storage Conditions
It should be stored in a cool, dry and odorless environment protected from sunlight