Turya─č Puffya

Delicious tastes that are consumed hot”

It is a new generation oil of puff pastry, puff pastry and croissant varieties prepared by giving a tour with all pie varieties that require 100% water-free oil. Especially, it is resistant to strong rollers. It gives a bright, crispy and fluffy appearance to the products without leaving fat taste.


All products made with puff pastry, pomegranate, dried pastry, arm bros, croissant.


1.It does not contain cholesterol.
2.Made from vegetable oils.
3.The fat content in the formula is at least 99%.
4.Hard and homogeneous.
5.The final products are kept fresh for 2-3 days provided they are kept in proper conditions.
6.Thanks to its durable, flexible and suitable consistency, it can be used easily in summer and hot production.

Shelf life
12 mounth
Net weight
20 kg
Packaging shape
Polyethylene bag, cardboard box
Storage Conditions
It should be stored in a cool, dry and odorless environment protected from sunlight