Turyağ Serbetlim

Full sweet desserts”

Turyağ Şerbetlim ensures excellent results in dough frying thanks to its high performance and keeps the desired crispness after shredding. It provides ease of use by reducing foaming at egg whites which have high possibility of foaming and improves the performance and usage of frying oil.


Ideal for all fried dough desserts such as Bite, Ring, Circassian


1.It does not contain trans fats.
2.It does not contain cholesterol.
3.Made from vegetable oils.
4.The fat content in the formula is at least 99%.

Shelf life
12 ay
Net weight
16,38 kg
Packaging shape Round Lacquered Printed Tin
Storage Conditions
It should be stored in a cool, dry and odorless environment protected from sunlight